510 The Panorama Furniture Quote

Please click on each of the below, 3 custom packages tailored to the design and floor plan of 510 The Panorama.

You can download a PDF brochure.  Should you have any questions or would like to meet in person to go through call Jason on 0411 840 321 to set up a time that suits you.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. In order for this to be ready by Middle January a deposit of 60% would need to be placed by Mid November. the Balance paid early January. 

Package Option 1 $250,000 +GST

  • Item Count : 370 items

Package Highlights 

  • Rich Mahogany Table top
  • Rich Mahogany Buffet units and cabinetry
  • Figure Veneer Euco finish Coffee Tables
  • Premium Dining chairs highest standard
  • Rich Leather lounging and bedheads
  • Marble and Gold highlights throughout in Decor and tables
  • Designer boy’s Premium Artworks
  • Extra large Planter Pots for greenery throughout
  • High end Tv’s in each bedroom all mounted
  • Extra Finishings in each room to create luxury atmosphere to match the houses stunning design
  • Extra outdoor furnishings

Overall Difference

Everything in this package is of the highest quality with designer artworks and cabinetry. From the Solid Mahagony dining table with its Mahogany dining table chairs with taupe house fabric consisting of over 150 brass nail details in each chair. Like the Dining table and chairs, throughout are a mixture of signature pieces that promote high end quality furnishings and a story.

Package Option 2 $175,000 +GST

Item Count : 342 items

Package Highlights

  • Artwork in 3d form with print/brush strokes/ extra decals indicative of some of the most premium canvas artwork on the market
  • A mix of leather and fabric lounges throughout
  • Mahogany Signature pieces in the Dining table and Buffet Units
  • Synthetic leather bedheads
  • All tv’s in bedrooms wall mounted, All smart TV’s mixed brands

Overall Difference

This package consists of enough to fill the house with furnishings at a quality standard, the difference between this package and ‘Package 1’ is a drop in quality of artworks, less decor/planters/outdoor furnishings. There is also a swap of some items to cheaper products throughout, however all still at high quality with 3 year warranty.

Package Option 3 $105,000 +GST

Item Count : 316 items

Package Highlights 

  • Basic Fitout
  • As a feature piece left the dining table in the Rich Mahogany
  • Cabinetry in a Wood veneer finish throughout
  • A mix of Leather and Fabric lounges
  • Basic outdoor settings

Overall Difference

This package contains enough to fill every room at a standard quality product. This is a huge property with alot of space to fill. All products are of a good solid build with warranty. Some wood and marble items featured in previous packages are changed to white gloss to reduce the costings.

Click the above to download the Simply Furnished Brochure

The Simply Furnished Difference!

Large TV’s

Sick of going to a Hotel to find a small TV? Your package contains a 60inch in the Living, and 50 inch’s in each bedroom. This makes a huge difference to the feel of the rooms.

Modern Abstract Artworks

Our artworks are sourced from a high end supplier, these artworks are 3d in a sense of which you can see the brush strokes and extra foils added to bring a true sense of value into every piece. They not just a print job!

Premium all around

Synthetic Marble tops in white or black for Coffee and side tables, These blend in with the chosen artworks and decor to create a subtle vibe of Luxury living.

Plush bedding is a must!

The bedding in the packages come with some of the finest mattress’s on the market. Plush with extra support of pillow top to ensure you or your tenant get a great sleep, all beds are made and ready to sleep in from day 1. In fact we set up everything in a day ready for you or a tenant to move straight in at no fuss!

Quality Dining

With options in a designer table for black or light wood. and designer chairs to run around it. With tenanted options we also place a perspex sheet ontop of the tables to ensure longevity and protection of your investment. All the furnishings are thought out and purchased with care and designs to last.

All Stainless Steel

Ofcourse! these days stainless steel is a must in the kitchens, We will measure up the fridge gap and fit a fridge best suited for that, if we can fit a double door in we will!

Thanks for your time and consideration